Liyana Fizi in Singapore on 13 March 2012 at Esplanade

15 Feb


Liyana Fizi plays acoustic tunes tinged with a mix of folk and bossa nova. She first made her mark in 2007 as one of the founding members of Malaysian indie pop band Estrella, gaining recognition for her songwriting along the way. Everyday’s musings and inward thoughts are the main elements of her music, using simplicity as the main staple.

After debuting as a solo artist in September 2009, Liyana released her debut solo album Between The Lines two years later. She has performed at music festivals in Malaysia and around the world, and opened for popular singer-songwriter Richard Marx at his concert in Malaysia.


Yuna And Ramli Sarip will be feature in MOSAIC 2012 in Singapore

15 Feb

The greatest songs by the artists we love.

Listen as Zul Tania and Cat Ong reflect on soul legend Marvin Gaye’s timeless musical question What’s Going On?. Open your heart as Ramli Sarip invokes passions with a roaring rendition of The Beatles’ With a Little Help from My Friends. Be uplifted as Stacey Kent and Jim Tomlinson consider the beauty around us with Louis Armstrong’s life-affirming What a Wonderful World.

Taking its name from John Lennon’s transcendent song of child-like innocence and honesty, imagine: a soundtrack to peace features iconic classic songs by well-loved troubadours such as Joni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel, U2, and more. Songs that have grown to represent universal truths to many, put together in a poignant narrative that underscores a prevailing message of peace.

Mosaic Music Festival calls upon an inspiring assembly of musicians to bring forth the messages of these songs, including Malaysian pop sweetheart Yuna who touches hearts with her powerful emotive songs; the well-loved folk artist Art Fazil and indie musician Jon Chan who regularly move hearts with their honest songwriting; and the soulful and unassuming Ling Kai.

They are accompanied by special guests—award-winning American jazz singer Stacey Kent and saxophonist Jim Tomlinson, the inventive Bossarenova Trio, which includes the grand dame of bossa nova Paula Morelenbaum, and Spanish indie phenomenon Russian Red.

The concert features musical direction by respected producer and arranger Joshua Wan, who also forms the musical backbone of the evening with Noir, consisting of Melissa Tham (vocals, keyboards), Tony Makarome (bass) and Soh Wenming (drums), together with their friends Daniel Chai (guitar), Eugenia Yip (vocals) and Roxanne Abutin (vocals, guitar). Hosted by accomplished thespian Remesh Panicker, the concert will be scripted by filmmaker Lillian Wang.

An evening of passion and inspiration in a concert—no, an experience—you don’t want to miss as Mosaic Music Festival celebrates the universally desired value of peace.

(1hr 30mins, no intermission)

$40*, $60
Limited concessions for students, NSF and senior citizens: $25

Arch Enemy: Live & Khaos In Malaysia

15 Feb

Swedish melodic death metal supergroup Arch Enemy from Halmstad, will heading to Kuala Lumpur this April 24th, 2012, thanks to promoters Permatha Pathah Production. The band which was founded by Carcass guitarist Michael Amott along with Johan Liiva (replaced by Angela Gossow as lead vocalist in 2000), who were both originally from the influential death metal band Carnage, features various members from such bands as Carcass, Armageddon, Carnage, Mercyful Fate, Spiritual Beggars, and Eucharist to name a few, throughout the last 16 years. With nine studio albums, a live album (Burning Japan Live 1999), two DVDs and three EPs, under their belt, expect all hell to break loose when the band takes the stage at their Live & Khaos In Malaysia concert that will be held at the Chin Woo Stadium.

I’m Singles Malaysia Virtual Concert @ Bunkface Rock Station

15 Feb

The I’m Singles Malaysia Virtual Concert is a music showcase series inspired by new digital lifestyle and is an initiative by the I’M Singles program. Watch more than 50 Malaysian indie acts performing LIVE on

Performance Schedule (Time, Artiste & Song)

25th February 2012

13:00 Briefing & Registration

15:00 1. Walker – Skala Hidupku
15:30 2. ROGA – Wau Bulan
16:00 3. Bowlfish – Menggapai Impian
16:30 4. Out Worn Shoes – Mestika Melara
17:00 5. Youkie Artic Shocked – Ruang Mirae
17:30 6. Strawberi – Mengapa
18:00 7. The Nationhead – Bintang
18:30 8. Potretband – Awan & Batu
19:00 9. Produk Hati Kecewa – Produk Hati Kecewa
19:30 10. Paranoia – Kau Hancurkan
20:00 11. Moda Moody – Siapa Kata Ku Tak Rindu Kepadamu
20:30 12. Supersyazwan – Skandalism
21:00 13. ChinterLizer – Jelita
21:30 14. The Tick – Nostalgia Sekeping Hati
22:00 15. Orionz – Capang The Pendekar
22:30 16. Apple Project – Janjiku
23:00 17. Yart & The Opera – Tulis Kisah Aku Di Dunia
23:30 18. Poisonous Remedy – Satu
0:00 19. The K.R.A.V.E – New Appetite
0:15 20. Gen-XY – Restless
0:30 21. Vee Block With Rollers – Dusta Minda Berkala
0:45 22. Aerowave – Cahaya
1:00 23. Chicanosz Project – Maafkan
1:15 24. Ikka Razman – Nyamuk-Nyamuk
1:30 25. L Is In Lurve – Mimpi

26th February 2012

13:00 Briefing & Registration

15:00 26. Crashin Butterfliez – Bukannya Mudah
15:30 27. Muzzy – Hingga Akhir Nafasku
16:00 28. Smell E Vans – Take Me Higher
16:30 29. Amirah Ali – Katakanlah
17:00 30. Rustic Empire – Diri
17:30 31. Bayang – Hanya Kawan
18:00 32. Avesgain – Hey Mr
18:30 33. Arrazz – Abrakadabra
19:00 34. Upon Arrival – March Of The Deceased
19:30 35. Button3 – Janji Kayu
20:00 36. Happy Siblings – Sepi
20:30 37. Elipsis – Mengapa
21:00 38. Scarletz – Bangkit Berjuang
21:30 39. Nokotta -Fatamorgana
22:00 40. Melodramatic – Dreams
22:30 41. An Honest Mistake – I Have A Hole In My Skinnies
And That’s How We Roll
23:00 42. NEGARAKUS – Tandus
23:30 43. Alternature – Destinasi
0:00 44. Flip Fall’s 90 – Sangapkan Kekasihku
0:15 45. Silent Stage – Hipertensi Minda
0:30 46. Kalam Malaya – Kota Kehancuran
0:45 47. AMALI – Vespaku
1:00 48. Fighters – Materialisme
1:15 49. MARIONEXXES – Harimau Malaya
1:30 50. Seven Horizon – Suci

For More Information:

Office: +6 03 55235400
Ridzuan: +6 013 6102709 (demoplanet tv)
Piko: +6 017 5556815 (Pentas Aksi)

2 Budak Kental – Episode 2 – Quest for Hostel

22 Jan

ODS Production continues his 2 Budak Kental series with episode 2 where both of this kental boys searching for their 1st backpackers hostel.

Slam live in Singapore

22 Jan

O’lando Music Production Pte Ltd, proudly presents SLAM’s “Kembali Merindu” Concert 2012 live in Singapore. With band members comprises of Ajaq, Eddie, Lili, Man, Shah and Zamani, SLAM was formed in the early 1990s, and is today considered one of the most unique and respected bands in the Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia music scene. With their soothing and romantic Rock Ballad list of songs from their many albums, they never fail to entertain and mesmerize the fans.

In their upcoming concert, SLAM’s have been thoroughly involved with its conceptualization, participating in the song selections, stage directing and live performance directions for the show. Expect to see a specially created impressive stage setup from an Experience Producer. SLAM themselves will be involved in the storyboard, as they expect nothing less than a perfect performance for their fans. There will also be a Special Appearance and music collaboration from our local talented music group of three young men, “OrkestarTrio”.

SLAM’s singer, Zamani, is known for his powerful and unique vocals, capable of spellbinding the audience in live performances, with their evergreen hits song like Gerimis Mengundang, Kembali Merindu, Nur Kasih, Maria Mariana, Kembali terjalin and more. Be prepared to rock the night away with SLAM.

Sepultura Asian Relentless Tour Postponed!

22 Jan

Sepultura Asian Relentless Tour 2012 scheduled to be held in Medan (3 February), Makassar (4 February), Kuala Lumpur (7 February), Jakarta (9 February), Surabaya (11 February) and Bali (12 February) has been postponed. For the Indonesian leg of the tour Netzah Production form Kuala Lumpur Malaysia appointed Sonic Horizon, based in BSD City Tangerang West Java as tour organizer. Preparations for the planned tour started since late 2011.

Tragedy can happen to anyone and at anytime. In the middle of this hectic preparation tragedy struck Shirazdeen Karim, owner & head of Netzah Productions who was instrumental in convincing Sepultura to go on tour in Indonesia and Malaysia. Shiraz’s grandmother who raised him to adulthood & pillar of her extended family died on Monday, January 16 after suffering a heart attack last week. Shiraz who was very close to his grandmother is still in a state of shock when contacting Ezra Simanjuntak, head of Horizon Sonic noon on Tuesday, January 17th.

After consulting with Sepultura’s management who was deeply concerned and sympathetic promptly agrees with the decision to postpone the tour to October 2012. Shiraz explains “With great humility I apologized profusely to the Indonesian people, especially the fans, friends, organizers & media partners who had strongly supported us during these two months. I was amazed & touched with their enthusiasm, support & sacrifice. So in order to maintain the trust that has been given and to ensure that the tour will not get messy, I admit I’m devastated by this loss. This could affect the management of this tour. I do not want to be selfish and will not make up fancy excuses.”

Ezra explained, “We grieve for Shiraz. Obviously I was shocked. At a time of tragedy to make a decision like this is very difficult. We are very aware of Anthrax’s fans reaction and disappointment when the promoter was forced to postpone the show. Not to mention the case of Motley Crue’s fraudulent show. We don’t want people to think negatively so in December I posted the contract on twitter, FB etc. The tour’s schedule was also up on Sepultura’s official website since 30th Dec. 2011. However for me personally, Shiraz & Nan his partner are my friends not just business partners. I know Shiraz & I deeply sympathize. They put tremendous trust in me to run this tour in Indonesia. We fought for affordable ticket prices in every city and want to prove that we can run a high quality professional and systematic tour management. We also need to prove to Sepultura who had heard a lot about the poor quality of promoters & production management in Indonesia from other bands who had played here. So maintaining management quality & decision making process is a priority. It is not just a personal matter, but will have tremendous impact on those two aspects.”

So Ezra added, “The risk if management is affected is that the show’s quality will disappoint the fans & the good name of our country will suffer. Although I am myself saddened by this and my personal reputation is on the line, I agree with Netzah and Sepultura’s decision to postpone this tour. I believe Indonesians are good, decent people & can assess objectively. On behalf of Sonic Horizon, our entire team in Medan, Makassar, Jakarta, Surabaya & Bali I humbly apologize profusely for this decision. The contract is not cancelled but postponed to October inshaAllah. I pray to God that we can organize this successfully in October. I humbly ask community support from the people of Indonesia, metal music fans, Sepultura fans & all of our colleagues. ”

Sonic Horizon announced the first ticket presale simultaneously in five cities on January 11. It is now day six on the 17th of January and only 5 days to the deadline of the first presale. Ezra explains, “We have not announced a national online ticket sales or in official stores like Disc Tarra. So we are still selling through individuals, merchandize stores & radios. Plans for a national online ticket sale was only suppose to start on the second round of presales around January 25th. But still the tickets are selling quite well. With this postponement, all cash and transfers will be returned immediately in the next few days inshaAllah. Since October is still far away we felt it is better to just return all the monies. We beg the patience of the fans who already bought tickets. From Sonic Horizon there will be no ‘bureaucracy complex’. So the ticket monies from individual ticket boxes, radios and stores that have been deposited with us will be refunded to each respective party within the next 2 to 3 days inshaAllah. We will try to coordinate all the ticket boxes in order to return the money to everyone as soon as possible as well. ”

Furthermore, concerning the reschedule tour dates in October, Ezra explained that Sepultura’s management is looking at all possibilities & will announce the date or timeline soon. “I can’t wait to find out the new schedule. Sepultura’s pretty solidly booked & we will be looking to clear the 2 weeks they need for the tour. To conclude Netzah Production and Sonic Horizon will be holding a press conference soon and are prepared to go to all the cities to meet in person all parties, friends & colleagues who have helped.” he said.

Thank you. We are very grateful to all colleagues of the press & media partners.