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Zizan Rajalawak is back with his new Movie!!

15 Feb

Ahmad Idham’s local comedy sees four friends, Ajis, Ben, Yaya and Diana, who are assigned to hike into an abandoned cave, Gua Bewah, in order to study the history of the place as their final year project for college. However, to complete the assignment they would need to help of a fifth member, which they find in the mysterious and gothic external student Marsha. Marsha reveals that she can guide them to an area of the cave that no modern human has ever entered. However, the group does not count on the various supernatural happenings that they have to face once they are there…


Pierre Andre Sing on his new coming movie, Chantek

14 Jan

Have you heard of Pierre Andre singing? If you are interested to know whether this talented actor has an aura of singing, his new film may have the answer.

Pierre Andre has come out with a new romantic comedy film titled Chantek.

In this film, there is a scene where Pierre Andre required to sing in an effort to persuade and win this girl’s heart named Chantek hearts.

Interestingly Chantek will feature an actress from Indonesia as heroine. Nurul Ekasari will hold the role of a typical Indonesian maid named Chantek where her role is to keep Ad (Pierre Andre) from being a phobia of women and love.

Synopsis: “Chantek” is the story about AD, a film celebrity whose glamorous and carefree life is overturned when he becomes blind due to his negligence in crossing the road caused by witnessing his fiancee cheating on him. Having lost all faith in life, AD isolates himself in a vacation home ran by CHANTEK, a housekeeper who has to disguise herself as a man so as to not aggravate AD, who has developed a phobia towards women. However, after living together and discovering each other’s strengths and quirks, CHANTEK and AD fall in love, which causes CHANTEK to reveal her secret. But what will come of a romance between a fallen celebrity and a housekeeper?

Watch the scenes in the romantic comedy film, Pierre Andre’s direction in theaters starting February 16, 2012!

Ah Beng the Movie on 19 January

13 Jan

Everyone in village is preparing to receive the auspicious God Of Fortune on the eve of the Lunar New Year. Come midnight, people of various races impersonate the deity and offer up mandarin oranges as well as lucky numbers in return for a red packet. Despite being poor, Ah Beng’s father still hands up all the money he has to the God Of Fortune. Turns out he has hit the jackpot and the deity is for real. Just like a genie, the deity grants him three wishes.

Singapore is releasing We’re not naughty on CNY, Malaysia is releasing Ah Being the Movie. It’s nice to see our local are both releasing a movie each on this auspicious day.

So don’t forget to watch.

Vikingdom, first 3D movie directed by Yusri KRU

12 Jan


After the success of Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa (a.k.a. The Malay Chronicles) in the international arena, KRU Studios announced the commencement of production of its first English language feature film fully produced in Malaysia entitled VIKINGDOM, directed by Yusry Abdul Halim.

Principal photography commenced on the 15th October 2011 starring Dominic Purcell (Prison Break, The Killer Elite) as Eirick, a Viking warrior who must face his violent past and lift the sword to face a demigod of incalculable power. VIKINGDOM is the first installment of an epic trilogy based on the ancient Vikings myth and history.

Craig Fairbrass (BBC’s Eastenders, House of the Rising Sun), Natassia Malthe (Bloodrayne 2 & 3), and Jon Foo (Tekken) fill the remaining principal roles.   7’1” tall, real life giant, Conan Stevens (playing Azog in the current production of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit), will play the invincible villain, Thor.

Massive sets and cutting edge digital technology will form the cornerstone of this production in creating incredible worlds that are a hyper-real combination of historical fact and fantasy. Apart from the stylized action choreography, extensive production design and visual effects, my emphasis has always been on the structure… fast paced story telling, and character development. I would like the audience to be awed not only with the production value of the film but most importantly the substance of the story.

With visual comparisons and production methods akin to blockbuster films such as 300 and The Lord of the Rings, Vikingdom promises to create a franchise that truly appeals to a wide audience, both regionally and globally.

Korean Inspired movie from Malaysia, ” Istanbul, Aku Datang”

12 Jan


A trip to Istanbul inspired writer-actor-host Rafidah Abdullah to make a Korean style comedy movie titled “Istanbul Aku Datang!”.

“While writing the script of the movie I didn’t imagine an urban love story at all. Instead, I imagined a Korean drama styled movie where the actress was cute and that would play a major part in the movie,” explained Rafidah when she was met at the wrap party of the film recently.

Rafidah also added that even though the film which is directed by Bernard Chauly portrays a love story that thugs the heartstrings along with its bittersweet elements through the mystical backdrop of Istanbul.

Red Films production who is known for adding an emphasis of quality in their features are also known for producing films such as “Gol & Gincu” and “Pisau Cukur”.

“Because of our prior ties of working together, it was easy for us to work again to create a film that satisfies our tastes,” added Lina Tan, the producer of the film.

The Grand Brilliance and Red Films production had a production budget of RM 1.7 million and had undergone a month of filming in Istanbul with the help of a Turkish crew.

“Istanbul Aku Datang!” stars Lisa Surihani and Beto Kusyairy. Singers Aizat Amdan and Tomok also make their debut into acting with this film.


Jack Neo’s We Not Naughty

10 Jan

Jack Neo is back with a fresh movie on 2012, We Not Naughty. Jack Neo never fails to bring out the local trends and Singaporean flavor on it.

“We Not Naughty” is a poignant movie which examines the problems faced by parents with their rebellious children in Singapore’s current society

The synopsis:

Wei Jie and Jian Ren are best of friends in school, and they both face their share of family problems; Wei Jie has a gambling addict father and his mother who does not think highly of him always condemns him. Jian Ren comes from a well-to-do single parent family but has an estranged relationship with his mother. He becomes rebellious to spite his mother and even becomes a runner for the loansharks. They both share the talent and interest on gadgets inventions but their efforts are never recognized.

CK, as their lecturer, tries to build a rapport with the boys but ends up being snubbed. His patience pays off and the boys end up seeking help from him for their family problems. CK even help the boys to create an invention for a competition.

However, their invention is misused by the loansharks and in an attempt to stop that, CK, Wei Jie and Jian Ren’s lives are at risk.

Remember to support this movie before Chinese New Year on 19 January 2012.

KIL, An Malaysian Independent Movie

10 Jan

KIL Synopsis: 

“Akil (KIL) is a depressed young man who has suicidal tendencies. But, he could never bring himself to commit suicide. His attempts to die always fail miserably until he finds the perfect solution: A quirky assassination agency that helps kill suicidal people. KIL agrees with the terms of the company. The assassination will be anonymous. He wouldn’t know the details about who the assassin is, even when or where he will die. This was ideal for KIL, until he falls for a girl he meets, Zara. Suddenly, he starts to have second thoughts on taking his life.”
I watched the trailer and there is a couple of good actor and actress in this movie. The actual released of the movie is still TBA. I am sure this could be a good movie to watch.
Let’s support our regional movie industry.