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2 Budak Kental – Episode 3 – Journey to King’s Park Part 1

15 Feb

New Episode 3. Brand new episode, brand new ways. We tried to make a parody style video. In this episode, we travelled to King’s Park on our 2nd day in Perth. We also show an halal food stall in Perth. So check out this episode. Enjoy!!


2 Budak Kental – Episode 2 – Quest for Hostel

22 Jan

ODS Production continues his 2 Budak Kental series with episode 2 where both of this kental boys searching for their 1st backpackers hostel.

Ods Production,1st Reality Travel Documentary on Youtube.

18 Jan

An Oldskoolguy Production, already launched their first amateur reality travel documentary called 2 Budak Kental. 2 budak kental are 2 best friends travelled to a country that they never travel before

For this season,”2 Budak Kental” travel to Perth without any plans or preparation.Lots of unexpected things happen. Most of the quarrel between both of them, was never caught on video.

So in their every episode, they will also promote clip of song from our local and regional artists. So the introductory episode of 2 Budak Kental.

Song by:

Hujan – Kasihan
Zee Avi – The book of Morrison Johnson
Yuna – Super Something
John Petrucci – Glasgow Kiss