Hit The Spot is happening at Homeclub

18 Jan

Finally, after an extremely long absence, the music is coming back to you. Damn right. You, dear reader, ask yourself this. When was the last time you had a whole lot of different sounds jammed through your ears, into your curious head? In other words, when the heck was the last time you went for a gig? Sang out loud with a crowd? Bumped around with a bunch of good friends, with good music.

This January 20th, all this will be coming back to you. And what better time, before you forget how to have fun. Oh yes. It was fun and you know it. And boy, would it make you feel good. We have a saying for something that makes you feel so good you just wanna’ jump around and sway your arms all around. Three words, and we will make you remember it. Hit. The. Spot.

Hit The Spot is happening at Homeclub on the 20th of Jan with Villes, For Better Endings, Trella and For This Cycle. As awesome as an individual band sounds, imagine the riot it’ll cause when these guys get together. For a one night only show, that probably wouldn’t happen any time soon, let’s start 2012, the long-awaited new year, with a show that’ll keep the music pumping through your veins and into your head.

From the same people that brought you MISERY SIGNALS LIVE IN SINGAPORE and all Other Big Ear Musica Events.

Tickets Are $12 (18+ only event) at the door which includes one Beer or Housepour and entitles you for BEAT! after the event.
Show starts at 7pm till 11pm
*Happy Hour till 11pm*
* $8 per glass of housepour
*$24 per jug

Remember fellas, remember the times we had back when we were more involved. Now is the time you bring yourselves out of them rocks you been living under. It’s time to face the music.


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