Pierre Andre Sing on his new coming movie, Chantek

14 Jan

Have you heard of Pierre Andre singing? If you are interested to know whether this talented actor has an aura of singing, his new film may have the answer.

Pierre Andre has come out with a new romantic comedy film titled Chantek.

In this film, there is a scene where Pierre Andre required to sing in an effort to persuade and win this girl’s heart named Chantek hearts.

Interestingly Chantek will feature an actress from Indonesia as heroine. Nurul Ekasari will hold the role of a typical Indonesian maid named Chantek where her role is to keep Ad (Pierre Andre) from being a phobia of women and love.

Synopsis: “Chantek” is the story about AD, a film celebrity whose glamorous and carefree life is overturned when he becomes blind due to his negligence in crossing the road caused by witnessing his fiancee cheating on him. Having lost all faith in life, AD isolates himself in a vacation home ran by CHANTEK, a housekeeper who has to disguise herself as a man so as to not aggravate AD, who has developed a phobia towards women. However, after living together and discovering each other’s strengths and quirks, CHANTEK and AD fall in love, which causes CHANTEK to reveal her secret. But what will come of a romance between a fallen celebrity and a housekeeper?

Watch the scenes in the romantic comedy film, Pierre Andre’s direction in theaters starting February 16, 2012!


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