M1 offering Cameraless iPhone 4S for NSmen

14 Jan


Singapore carrier M1 pushed live webpages offering the new iPhone 4S models but later removed them whilst they made ‘some adjustments to this service’, offering a 64-gigabyte model for more than $900 with a new two-year contract — increasing the cost over its normal iPhone 4S models as it would incur costs for removing the camera.

Unfortunately for anyone that buys one of these models, they lose the 1-year Apple warranty on the smartphone as the carrier has to physically remove the camera, thus voiding the vendor guarantee.

The two other operators in Singapore – SingTel and StarHub – did not comment on whether they would sell the phones but say they were talks with the Defense Ministry (Mindef) to sell phones that did not have cameras.

Singapore’s Defense Ministry recently issued guidelines to military personnel about the use of smartphones, reportedly asking those that owned camera-enabled smartphones to show a certificate to prove that their devices had been approved by a carrier.

This would mean that potential buyers would need to find a carrier that sold or amended smartphones to remove the camera, instead of doing it themselves. It also explains why operators in the country are reportedly looking to sell modified Apple smartphones, which are said to be used by more than half the country’s smartphone owners.


Source – thenextweb


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