Yuna ‘Terukir Di Bintang’ already launched

13 Jan

To treat the fans longing eagerly await her latest gifts, unique singing voice, Yunalis Zarai, finally launched a second album titled ‘Terukir Di Bintang’ on Saturday evening. This album contains all eight songs, including three songs recorded in English in the United States (U.S.) ie Coffee, Someone out Of Town and Fears And Frustration.

Talked about the album,Yuna tells that this time round she came up with more mature music compared to her first album, Decorate.

“This album is not ‘dark’ as the first album. Rather, they are more relaxed and more fun to bring up the atmosphere. This time I want my songs be more listener-friendly. I have always been eager to launch this album. It’s been kept so long.

However, I deny that there are those who think this album made ​​in a hurry or capture downloads for packaging design is not very good. All songs are loaded, I compose and write from the heart.Last year and this year, I was busy with various projects but I do not take things for granted about the quality of the music. I want to give my best. On the packaging, I admit it is not very pretty because we adhere to the budget available, “commented Yuna thought that the second album as a gift to her fans.

At the same time, Yuna also acknowledged ‘Terukir Di Bintang’ did not have a strong Malay songs like Penakut. However, she really liked the song ‘Terukir Di Bintang’ because according to Yuna, when she created this song that a lot of things happened in her life sweet. However,she declined to comment when asked whether it deals with love for Qushairi or Qi.


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