Miniwiz makes iPhone cover from 100% trash

13 Jan


I’m not talking about unique or good design now, am talking about 100% trash. Please, don’t get me wrong! It’s not 100% trash case, which you can trow away because useless or bad. Let’s me clear it for you, it’s a new eco iPhone 4S case from Miniwiz, Re-Case.

This case brings you eco material, called as POLLIBER. Yep, you are right, the Polliber is made from post-consumer thermoplastic and semi-carbonized waste fiber composite. During the process, it reduces significally the grade of its plastic. And the semi-carbonized waster fiber composite added a unique art into the Re-Case. Re-Case is 100% made from trash, right?

However, Of course, it makes your iPhone fatter a lot than before.  But it has not so bad looking, plus it features a unique design. There is an empty space on the case which allows you to store your credit card or your id card under your iPhone. It would be usefull on somehow or something. (not sure)

Unfortunately, Miniwiz didn’t say anything related to the price or the availability of their Re-Case. It’s 100% made from trash, right? Surely, it will not give us an expensive price tag.  Otherwise, it’s truly an 100% trash. [Dandy Gadget Source]


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