Foo Fighters in Singapore

13 Jan


Foo Fighters, one of the most popular rock bands in the world now, are coming to Singapore to headline their own concert here for the first time. The American group’s March 2 show at the Padang could be the biggest single-act concert to be staged this year.

Starting on Friday, 20,000 tickets have been released for sale, which makes the show roughly twice as big as the Singapore Indoor Stadium at full capacity. The open-air venue has accommodated up to 50,000 people in the past.

Only the F1 concerts look to attract a larger audience. Last year, the music performances at the race headlined by Latin singer Shakira drew 150,000 people to the Padang over three nights.

Two concert organisers Chugg Entertainment and Lushington Entertainments are working together to bring in the show. With the band’s only other Asian stop being Japan, the organisers say they will be pushing ticket sales in the region. Tickets at the standing-only concert cost $138 each.


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