Vikingdom, first 3D movie directed by Yusri KRU

12 Jan


After the success of Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa (a.k.a. The Malay Chronicles) in the international arena, KRU Studios announced the commencement of production of its first English language feature film fully produced in Malaysia entitled VIKINGDOM, directed by Yusry Abdul Halim.

Principal photography commenced on the 15th October 2011 starring Dominic Purcell (Prison Break, The Killer Elite) as Eirick, a Viking warrior who must face his violent past and lift the sword to face a demigod of incalculable power. VIKINGDOM is the first installment of an epic trilogy based on the ancient Vikings myth and history.

Craig Fairbrass (BBC’s Eastenders, House of the Rising Sun), Natassia Malthe (Bloodrayne 2 & 3), and Jon Foo (Tekken) fill the remaining principal roles.   7’1” tall, real life giant, Conan Stevens (playing Azog in the current production of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit), will play the invincible villain, Thor.

Massive sets and cutting edge digital technology will form the cornerstone of this production in creating incredible worlds that are a hyper-real combination of historical fact and fantasy. Apart from the stylized action choreography, extensive production design and visual effects, my emphasis has always been on the structure… fast paced story telling, and character development. I would like the audience to be awed not only with the production value of the film but most importantly the substance of the story.

With visual comparisons and production methods akin to blockbuster films such as 300 and The Lord of the Rings, Vikingdom promises to create a franchise that truly appeals to a wide audience, both regionally and globally.


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