The Obsevatory Released their fifth album

12 Jan


As The Observatory reaches the ten year mark of its existence, we are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of our fifth album.

Catacombs is the result of a year’s worth of jamming. Sitting in a studio day after day to see what we could come up with. We only really found our direction in September 2011. The songs that made it onto the album are us after much play and consternation. Once again, we went up north to seek inspiration in the bleak and the cold. With each other, the incessant rain, and our producer Jorgen for company, we find ourselves venturing farther into the darkness that began with our last album. It’s us attempting to cross wasted borders and find musical extremities that parallel the polarities within our lives. We paid homage to our musical heroes, Scott Walker mainly, but we’d be fools to say we got anywhere close.

This time, we’d like it to be different. We want to let listeners in on our process. And so, you get the demo versions of all nine tracks, warts and all. These were mostly work in progress pieces just before we left for Norway. In the spirit of sharing our process with you, we are hoping to achieve a few things. One would be to release ‘live’ versions of the songs at a later time. A more immediate plan would be to give you special video previews of our Catacombs rehearsal sessions at Goodman via a QR site, for those of you into internet digitalia. Keep yourselves posted for our gig dates in April. Let the fun begin.


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