12 Jan


Missed the Race? Don’t panic. We’ll give you a second chance to catch the hilarious Kumar in his Amazing Race! Better put on your running shoes and get the tickets before this Race is over again!

You don’t want to miss Kumar as he sprouts all things Indian. From Taj Mahal Heroes to the Invention of the Number Zero. From the All-Embracing Karma Sutra to the All-Encompassing Centre Mustafa. From Ayurvedic Cures to Bollywood Scores. From Moneylender Loans to Call Centre Phones. From Old Ramayana Tales to New Turban Males!

Is there anything that’s not from Motherland India?

Everything will be revealed tongue-in-cheek by cheeky Kumar in a sari, always making you laugh and never needing to say sorry.

Sharing riotous real-life stories and jokes on growing up Indian here in faraway Singapore, where being only 8% of the population means sometimes being the “ah-bu-ne-ne” used by many to scare children into behaving properly. How like that?!!!

Well, come and see for yourself how one Queen stands up for 1.2 billion Indians all over the planet. How else but with bellies-full of laughter.

5 sold out shows in 2011 … Don’t snooze ‘cos you’ll ‘looze’.

What people have said: “Who needs opposition party rallies when you have annual Kumar gigs?”
http://www.justwatchlah.com, 2010

“This queen sure knows how to hold court.”
– ST Life, 2009

“Enthralled, enamoured, and entertained.”
– The Writers Block, 2009


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