Korean Inspired movie from Malaysia, ” Istanbul, Aku Datang”

12 Jan


A trip to Istanbul inspired writer-actor-host Rafidah Abdullah to make a Korean style comedy movie titled “Istanbul Aku Datang!”.

“While writing the script of the movie I didn’t imagine an urban love story at all. Instead, I imagined a Korean drama styled movie where the actress was cute and that would play a major part in the movie,” explained Rafidah when she was met at the wrap party of the film recently.

Rafidah also added that even though the film which is directed by Bernard Chauly portrays a love story that thugs the heartstrings along with its bittersweet elements through the mystical backdrop of Istanbul.

Red Films production who is known for adding an emphasis of quality in their features are also known for producing films such as “Gol & Gincu” and “Pisau Cukur”.

“Because of our prior ties of working together, it was easy for us to work again to create a film that satisfies our tastes,” added Lina Tan, the producer of the film.

The Grand Brilliance and Red Films production had a production budget of RM 1.7 million and had undergone a month of filming in Istanbul with the help of a Turkish crew.

“Istanbul Aku Datang!” stars Lisa Surihani and Beto Kusyairy. Singers Aizat Amdan and Tomok also make their debut into acting with this film.



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