Janice and the Supertank album launch

11 Jan


Janice and the Supertank LIVE! at Hard Rock Cafe Penang – ‘Sleep Talking” album launch on 11 February 2012, 8.30pm

About the band:

A giant tank manned by a princess. Here is a band that is a tank full of a cheekiness with loads of ditty to expload with.

Led by Janice, an electic vocalist and songwriter (Winner of “Best Solo Performance – Vocals” for Malaysia’s BOH Cameranian Arts Awards 2007, as well as the winner of “Best Song Composition” for Battle of the Band 2005 & Malaysia Revival Songwriting Competition 2006, with numerous compositions in various style ranging from folk-acoustic, Rock, Pop, R&B, Dance, Jazz, Funk to Soul (told you they were a tank full!), the SuperTankers are unique – both in sound and charisma.

As such, they just recently rock their way up to become one of the top 10 finalist in Battle of the Band Youth 10 Malaysia’s Largest Youth Event at PWTC in May.

With showcases and interviews lined up with local TV Stations just few days after this buzz, here is a band with a big dream, equipped with giant caterpillar tracks that are more than ready to roll.



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