Grey can be spacious

11 Jan


The Hollywood Regency ambiance of this luxe bedroom is perfectly suited to the backdrop of a charcoal grey. The citrus colours of the pillows, mirrored surfaces of the picture frames and nightstand, and the sumptuous patterns of the bed linens seem to come alive against the rich, grey walls. The modern combination of vibrancy and subtlety creates a sophisticated twist suitable for those with discriminating decorating tastes.

Incorporating brightly hued accents, such as the marigold vase on the vanity and the yellow satin ottoman, gives your grey colour scheme a flair of whimsy and interest. You’ll find that sunny-hued yellows and oranges, along with nearly every other colour in the rainbow, will pop against a grey background. Don’t be fooled by the misconception that grey is cold, uninviting, or drab. Versatile and functional, greys work well in all types of rooms, coordinate easily with both subdued and vibrant accents, and can be a melodious introduction to colour.

Lofts are excellent examples of chic, modern living; a living room can be the space in a loft where you most fully and most boldly, explore the theme of modernity. A sophisticated palette of creamy white with a restrained, earthy taupe, punctuated with accents in obsidian black and dusky olive-green is the absolute epitome of organic elegance and style. These colours have undertones of warm hues in them which give the space a comforting, relaxing ambience. The serenity that is achieved from these soothing colours is matched by the stunning visual illusion that the room is much larger than it truly is. These colours celebrate the clean, bold lines of a loft and seamlessly interact and play with the large windows. Accents of soft, serene white and deep black, enhance the modern edge of the space, while touches of mossy green in the decorative items and in wall art, bring a refined, natural touch.


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