The Midas Sessions | Lunarin (Singapore)

10 Jan


It’s been said that the true test of a song’s quality is to strip off all the trappings and artifice to lay bare the melodies, chord progressions and arrangements to harsh scrutiny. Singapore rock trio Lunarin – Linda Ong (vocals, bass), Ho Kah Wye (guitars) and Loo Eng Teck (drums) – previously released two heavy rock albums which focused on loud visceral intense sounds to convey their creative intentions. In an artistic about-face, the band has recorded an entirely acoustic album composed of new songs as well as radically different versions of tracks from the first two albums.

The Midas Sessions finds Lunarin interpreting new and old material through acoustic guitars, bass, piano and violin (thanks to Natalie Soh and Victor Ong on the strings). among memorable new music are the evocative Ghost, the radio-friendly Right Of Sleep and the erudite Wednesday, while the revamped Zero Point red, Midas and Coraline make the transition into chamber musical forms perfectly.

It must be pointed out that vocalist Ong truly comes into her own without the safety net of overdriven instrumentation – her voice is a sheer joy to behold. If there was any justice left in this world, sings like Right Of Sleep and Zero Point Red (acoustic) would be on heavy rotation over Singapore radio.

So there you have it; Singapore’s first essential acquistion of 2012.

Source – TODAYOnline


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