Najwa Latif was just like you and me once upon a time

10 Jan


She just started to make a simple song on her guitar.

Then at New Straits Times, there was the Battle of the Bands, and Najwa sang a song called “Cinta Muka Buku”, and she sang another song from another artist.

Within two or three weeks her song went on radio. Then it went on YouTube, and last but not least TV. And she just became famous. Now she is as famous as

Yuna, another singer. When she was at the studio to record her voice she was so nervous, but she fought  that. She sang perfectly.

The song “Cinta Muka Buku” talks about a girl who became  shy when a boy asked to be friends on Facebook. And then when he asked her out on a date she felt more nervous.  The lyrics are online.

This is part of the song: “Apabila kau kata kau mahu jumpa aku, ku gelisah berdebar hati, rasa tak menentu, wowowoh…kenakah rasa itu”.

She wanted to be a singer and her dream came true. Najwa Latif is a great,  good and  awesome singer. Trust me! Just listen to her songs on YouTube. Her latest is Malaysian Boy.


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