Avenged Sevenfold live in Singapore 2012

17 Feb

Avenged Sevenfold is coming back to Singapore to play a one night only gig at the Hard Rock Hotel Coliseum on 28 April 2012.

Ticket prices are not out yet though.

The Coliseum is a tiny venue but at the same time, it’s awesome coz it means that it’s an intimate setting so you can actually get very close to the stage and band! Not to be missed if you’re a fan of the band.


Janice and the Supertank in Singapore on March??

17 Feb

Janice and the Supertank, a band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Led by Janice, an eclectic vocalist and songwriter (Winner of “Best Solo Performance – Vocals” for Malaysia’s BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2007, as well as the Winner of “Best Song Compositions” for Battle of the Bands 2005 & Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competition 2006), with numerous compositions in various styles ranging from Folk-acoustic, Rock, Pop, R&B, Dance, Jazz, Funk to Soul (told you they were a tank full!), the Supertankers are unique – both in sound and charisma.

From their twitter account, they hinted that they will be in Singapore to promote their album “Sleep Talking” at the end of March this year. I will keep track on them and confirm about their location and the exact date. So those who never heard of this talented Malaysia band, you should try to listen their track at their reverberation site : www.reverbnation.com/janiceandthesupertank


Ya Saya!! Showcase by Imran Ajmain

15 Feb

After the success of last year’s “100 Hari Acoustic Tour” series, which celebrated Imran Ajmain‘s resolve to quit smoking for good, the man himself is back again with a more upscale showcase, to be held at Playden @ The Arts House this coming 24th and 25th February 2012. Both shows are slated to begin at 8pm on both days, sandwiching an added show at 3pm on the second day. It has been quite awhile since Imran has held a big-scale showcase for fans of his music, the last if my memory has not failed me, was back in February 2008, a good four years ago. I believe this showcase will feature new singles which he will release soon, so those attending will most probably be able to get an advanced preview before radio listeners do.

Like the memorable acoustic tour which was held at Badoque Cafe last July, this showcase will feature Fazley Yaakob (or Dato’ Fazley Yaakob to be more precise), the man who made the song “Asmara Ini” a haunting hit a decade ago. 2011 was surely a memorable year for the man, as his wife gave birth to their third child in September and he was also conferred the title of Dato’ by the Pahang sultanate in December. Local up-and-coming trio, Northbound, completes the line-up. I’ve included one of their Youtube performances below for you to get a feel of their potential. Personally, I’m quite impressed and cannot wait to watch them live. To purchase the tickets to the showcase, you can either get them at Badoque Cafe, Spyke or email info@imranajmain.com.

Credit to Pujanggamalam

2 Budak Kental – Episode 3 – Journey to King’s Park Part 1

15 Feb

New Episode 3. Brand new episode, brand new ways. We tried to make a parody style video. In this episode, we travelled to King’s Park on our 2nd day in Perth. We also show an halal food stall in Perth. So check out this episode. Enjoy!!

First Image of BlackBerry Milan – next generation BlackBerry 10 slider

15 Feb

Well that didn’t take long. Last week we posted our BBX (now BlackBerry 10) Roadmap Preview for 2012, where we dropped a number of new codenames into the mix beyond the already photographed BlackBerry London. Lisbon, Nevada and Milan were among the codenames of upcoming QNX-based phones mentioned, but the details we’re still pretty slim.

With the first image of BlackBerry Milan above, things are getting more clear for the next generation of BlackBerry 10 phones. While we don’t have any specs just yet for Milan, the photo above says a lot. It’s a slider BlackBerry, featuring the physical full qwerty keyboard that BlackBerry addicts know and love. And I’m hearing all of these next generation BlackBerry devices sport amazing displays (higher pixel density than the iPhone 4’s retina display), which will really add to the sex appeal here. It’s interesting to note that the design on this one seems to merge together two looks: at the top are rounded corners, similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, while along the bottom we have the sharper edges simliar to the photo of BlackBerry London. There’s still time for RIM to tweak things up before locking down final hardware design for manufacturing so I’ll be curious to see if things change up from here at all by the time we get this phone in our hands.

This image also gives us a big hint as to how the traditional BlackBerry experience will evolve on BlackBerry 10. Gone is the optical trackpad, call, hang-up and menu and back buttons from the main navigation area of the phone (where the BlackBerry logo is in this image). This means we can assume a much more PlayBook like experience moving forward, even on BlackBerry 10 phones that have a full qwerty. Expect a lot of bezel gestures! Just looking at the phone you know some of that one-handed ease of use of the traditional BlackBerry experience will be sacrificed here, but I don’t think many people will care about that given how much more modern and intuitive the touchscreen user interface will be.

Overall, pretty damn exciting. A full, BIG touchscreen along with a physical keyboard on the next-generation BlackBerry 10 OS could be the ultimate phone for a LOT of people out there in 2012. Keep it locked to CrackBerry for more info as we get it!

Zizan Rajalawak is back with his new Movie!!

15 Feb

Ahmad Idham’s local comedy sees four friends, Ajis, Ben, Yaya and Diana, who are assigned to hike into an abandoned cave, Gua Bewah, in order to study the history of the place as their final year project for college. However, to complete the assignment they would need to help of a fifth member, which they find in the mysterious and gothic external student Marsha. Marsha reveals that she can guide them to an area of the cave that no modern human has ever entered. However, the group does not count on the various supernatural happenings that they have to face once they are there…

Hujan Special Acoustic Showcase @ Pentas 1, Klpac

15 Feb

Hujan will be performing their full acoustic showcase with different arrangements of music. With 02 early bird tickets already sold out, left with their full price ticket of RM$78/-. Don’t miss this opportunity grab ur tickets now!!

for more info, visit this website:

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre @ Sentul Park (Tel: 603-4047 9000 / 4047 9010)

The Actors Studio @ Lot 10 (Tel: +603 2142 2009 / 2143 2009)

iLasso Office @ Phileo Damansara II (Tel: +603 7957 6088)

Performing Arts Centre of Penang @ Straits Quay (Tel: 604 8992 722)

Online Booking:

Morning Rocket

KLPac, Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan, KL

The Actors Studio, Lot 10

Pejabat ILasso Tickets, Phileo Damansara